Tips for Improving the Online Authority of Your Website

Charleston SC SEOThe key to getting your website to move up the rankings is to make small changes often that will have a positive impact long-term. If you are using tools or making changes that promise fast results, eventually you will be dropped even lower than you are today. “Getting to that coveted page one for your content requires a slow, systematic, and concise approach that makes use of tested techniques that work”, states a Charleston area SEO firm.

Start your journey to the top of the organic search results by implementing these simple techniques.

The very first thing you must do is clean up your content first. Look at one page of your website, can you see exactly what the main item is for that page? If you have too many items and too many keywords, you can only imagine how confused the search engines are when trying to rank the content. Start by cleaning up a few pages each day until each page has its own keywords, content, and descriptions.

The next thing you should do is look to see if you are using the right keywords. If you sell dog training products and your keywords are dog training, good luck trying to rank with the other 56 millions sellers. Start looking for long tail keywords with less competition and decent searches by visitors. You may discover puppy training dog treats is easier to rank for and will get your pages closer to page one.

The home page of your website is where the majority of traffic will land, so are you making the right first impression? That page needs to be clutter free, the relevant content should be above the fold, and you need to have the right links in the navigation bar getting customers to the pages they need in one click.

Stop trying to sell to all your buyers on each page. Make each page unique, and if needed you can use internal links to get them to the pages related to those products. Those internal links will eventually get crawled by the search engines and can help to get your content ranking higher each time they crawl.

Make sure you have social media buttons on all your pages. Make it as easy as possible for a visitor to share your content, because this goes out as a signal to the search engines and increases your page ranking too.

There you have it, simple steps to dominating your niche if you are willing to put in the work each day.